Dual Pulse C.D. Welder


Weld voltage is indicated with LCD display. Dual Pulse CD Welder has two knobs for pulse energy control. Both pulses can be adjusted separately or turned off. The first pulse is adjustable at 1% and 50% of the total energy and second pulse is adjustable at 1% and 100% of the total energy. When used in dual pulse mode the second pulse energy level represents the percentage of remaining power. Weld quality can be improved using multiple pulses. In dual pulse mode, the welder will fire twice from single actuation. In first pulse contaminants and surface, inconsistencies are removed. The initial energy displaces oil and breaks through the oxide layer and seat weld electrodes. At high energy level, the second pulse performs actual weld. Dual Pulse CD Welder provides a large amount of weld energy with a fine range of power adjustment.
  • Easy to use and understand.
  • Single or dual pulse operation.
  • Dual pulse operation removes surface contaminants.
  • Up to 120 welds/minute.
  • Thermo-protection internal monitoring.
  • Weld ready audible beeps.
  • Produces clean, strong, precise and repeatable welds.
  • Battery pack welding.
  • Crosswire welding.
  • Thermocouple welding.
  • Honeycomb tacking.
  • Aerospace welding application.
  • Automotive welding application.
  • Copper, aluminium, and brass thin sheet and wire.

Safety precautions:

  • Always wear safety glasses.
  • Remove hand jewelry before welding.
  • Avoid touching weld spot immediately.
  • Minimum and maximum output: 5 to 600 WS.
  • Minimum and maximum pulse width: 3 to 50 msec.
  • Minimum and maximum pulse height: 1.5v to18v.
  • Peak current output: (With external cabling 35 x 4 ft.)10000amps.
    (With external cabling 20 x 6 ft.)8500amps.
    (With external cabling 8 x 6 ft.)4500amps.
  • Input supply: 230v, 50Hz,10 amp.
  • Dimensions(WxHxL):400x305x365.
  • Weight:24 Kgs.

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