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Micro Spot Welding Head


Micro Spot Welding Head provide precise and low inertial welds which are designed for delicate parallel gap welds reflow soldering or thermo compression bonding. Micro Spot Welding Head machine ensures accurate, repeatable welding at an affordable price. A variety of fixed and adjustable gap electrode, as well as reflow soldering tips, are available and it accepts parallel gap electrodes. These Micro Spot Welding Heads can be adjusted to meet the needs of a variety of applications. These are Pneumatic weld heads. Micro Spot Welding Head require an air compressor as the weld heads come equipped with an internal pressure regulator. Each compression makes spot weld easy and quick with an electronic foot pedal. Two types of speed controls are used which are upstroke and down stroke. These speed controllers are useful for precise positioning and electrode placement for high and low-speed production runs. These are manually operated weld heads with a mechanical cable pull foot pedal. Micro Spot Welding Heads is suitable for light production runs.
  1. Initial cost is low.
  2. No force deflection.
  3. Foot pedal actuated.
  4. Fine control of weld pressures.
  5. Provides precision and repeatability in welding.
  1. In thermo compression bonding and soldering.
  2. Electric fuses and circuit board repair.
  3. Smart cards and PCB repair.
  4. Medical devices welding.
  5. Solar cells.
  1. Operation: Pneumatic.
  2. Air pressure for maximum force: 23 to 30 PSI.
  3. Weld force:1 to 15 LBS.
  4. Electrode Diameter: 5MM.
  5. Maximum Electrode Stroke: 25MM.
  6. Electrode configuration: Parallel.
  7. Throat size: 70Hx 115D.
  8. Weld cable: 35 x1 meter.
  9. Air Cylinder diameter: 25mmx50mm.
  10. Dimensions:300Wx300Hx380L.
  11. Weight:5Kgs.

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