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Stud Welding Controller


Under the supervision of experts, We Sparkweld Engineering, Mumbai, are busy in manufacturing and providing best quality product range of Stud Welding Controller to our valuable clients. Stud Welding Controller is a fast method for welding studs of different shapes and high thickness materials to provide strong fixation of studs on a permanent basis. Our products are high in performance, easy to use, require minimum maintenance, and highly resistant to stain and are supplied across the world at the attractive price range. For stud welding process, Stud Welding Controller is coupled with manual metal arc (MMA) and welding rectifier. After welding, the stud does not break even if it is bent to any direction.

  1. All important functions are indicated and controlled by LCD.
  2. Simple handling.
  3. Excellent welding and high power on time.
  4. Highest operational reliability.
  5. Robust, powder coated metal housing.
  6. Electromagnetic compatibility tested.
  7. Optimal safety during welding through integrated safety switches.
  8. Quick welding sequences through short charging time.
  9. Automatic module to control automatic stud feeding system, ideally suitable for difficult welding tasks.
  10. Charging voltage not affected by supply voltage variations.
  11. To prevent overheating, an internal charging time regulation system is adopted.
  12. To prevent burnt contacts 50mm2 welding cable socket is used.
  13. For capacitor discharge stud welding process, High-performance stud welding unit is used.
  14. Stable fixing of welding cable socket is provided to prevent any damage.
  1. Model: Execute Drawn Arc Stud Welding controller.
  2. Welding Range: M-6 to M-12, up to 100 mm long studs.
  3. Welding Material: S.S., Low Carbon Steel.
  4. Welding Time: 0-1400m/sec.
  5. Welding Rate: Up to 25 pieces per minute.
  6. Standard Gun: DAP-16.
  7. External Power Supply:80v D.C. Constant Current Type MMA Welding Rectifier.
  8. Dimensions (LxWxH):460x290x545.
  9. Weight:25Kg.

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